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Duckmeleon's Messy Room

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Charlie's pet shop is a mess. Duckmeleon is messy. It's gonna get yucky mucky.

Sweet and quirky, Duckmeleon’s Messy Room is a story of love and forgiveness. Charlie's Curious Pet Shop is a series all fun parents should read to their kids. Both parents and kids will delight and giggle as the story comes alive with music, animation and interactive characters.

Buy Duckmeleon’s Messy Room and share some special reading time together.

This book includes the Read Aloud feature, an audio narration by the author. The Read Aloud works with Apple’s Books app. I don't have a XPUB version of this book. 

Files included:

PDF - Opens on most devices.

EPUB - Opens on Apple’s Books (previously called iBooks) app. Includes Read Aloud.
You will get the following files:
  • EPUB (30MB)
  • PDF (44MB)

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