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Victor Lost

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Meet Victor the Huggable, a scruffy and well-loved teddy bear who has seen better days. He’s missing a few parts. Actually, he’s missing a lot of parts! Desperate but determined, he is willing to do anything to be whole again.

In his quest for completeness, Victor sneaks around and scavenges parts from other toys. But as he gathers more and more pieces, he begins to lose something far more important: his heart. It’s only when he sees what he has become that Victor realizes his mistakes and tries to return all the parts he stole.

In the end, the little girl finds him as he is and reminds him just how much he means to her, missing pieces and all.

This heartwarming tale of self-discovery and unconditional love is a fun read aloud picture books for adults and kids. With its charming illustrations that balances the humor and horror of the story, Victor Lost is perfect for anyone with well-loved teddies who have seen better days.

2023 2nd edition with updated illustrations and text by E. B. Adams

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