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The Greatest Wizard Lizard

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Join the bearded lizard's quest to learn about the greatest mysteries and the deepest pearls of wisdom from some of the most famous magicians who ever lived!!! And maybe buy a few of their products...

A fun and quirky picture book for kids and adults to read aloud and laugh together. With a bouncing fun rhyme and silly but wonderful illustrations, The Greatest Wizard Lizard will delight children and adults again and again and probably again some more. The perfect read-aloud book. Having a beard is optional.

This book includes the Read Aloud feature, an audio narration by the author. The Read Aloud works with Apple’s Books app or the PubReader app. Both are free apps you can download.

Files included:

PDF - Opens on most devices.

EPUB - Opens on Apple’s Books (previously called iBooks) app. Includes Read Aloud.

XPUB - Opens using the free PubReader app from the App Store or Google Play. Includes Read Aloud.
You will get the following files:
  • EPUB (12MB)
  • PDF (41MB)
  • XPUB (19MB)

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