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A Collection of Silly Chicken Stories - Hardcover

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Silly Stories for Silly Families

For the first time, get the hardcover edition of A Collection of Silly Chicken Stories! Five stories in one massive special edition, with over 180 illustrated pages printed on premium paper with premium ink. 

Books dispatched within 7 working days, using FedEx (UK) or UPSP (USA) with tracking.

Silly Chickens is a hilarious early graphic novel series that will have kids and adults chuckling and falling in love with these chickens.

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What’s Included:

Chickens Can’t Count: Don’t count your eggs... Every chicken knows, don’t count your eggs. So when Pecky tries to count her eggs, it turns the coop upside down. But chickens can’t count! Or can they?

Chickens Can’t Fly: A bird afraid to fly??? Chicken. Flap. Flap. Flap. Chickens can’t fly! Every hen and rooster in the coop knows that. Until Fluffy gets curious, looking at other birds and wonders about her wings. But chickens can’t fly! Or can they?

Chickens Can’t Draw: Is it just chicken scratch or... Peck. Peck. Coco likes to draw and paint. But wait... Chickens can’t draw!!! Every hen and rooster in the coop knows that. But Coco is determined to create a masterpiece to convince the coop that chickens CAN draw. But chickens can’t draw! Or can they?

Chickens Can’t Clean: Cleanliness is next to chickenness. Cluck. Cluck. Cluck. Can Jeremiah convince the other silly chickens to clean up their act before it’s too late? But chickens can’t clean! Or can they?

Chickens Can't Sing: COCKADOOODLEDOOOOOOO!!! Shelly the rooster needs to learn to crow. But every time he tries, a song comes out. Can a chicken really sing? Do chickens have lips?

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Hello from Cape Town!

Thanks so much for stopping by. I’m an author, illustrator and farmer. We have a small homestead on the edge of Cape Town that feeds our family of five thanks to our amazing animals.

Our chickens provide us with eggs and the bulk of our meat consumption. They also provide us with endless silliness on our farm!

From, tiny weird bantams with fluffy feet that think they’re the king of our farm, to giant overgrown roosters that are scared of their own shadows. Chicken!

And because they’re always up to something, from stealing cat food to hiding their eggs, I wrote these Silly Chickens books inspired by our own chickens.

While these are not true stories =) I hope they bring a slice of our homestead into your homes. Silliness and all.

By choosing to buy directly from me, the author, you’re not only getting a unique book that’s only available here, but you’re also supporting me. This means the world to me. It allows me to continue crafting stories that will become cherished memories in your home.

With warm regards,

E. B. Adams


About Me

E. B. Adams lives on an urban homestead in Cape Town with his partner and three free-ranging kids. He is a 2D/3D illustrator and author of over twenty children’s books. 

When he’s not making books, he’s busy feeding a horde of ducks, a plague of chickens, a mob of guinea pigs, and a gang of very hungry goats. 

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I'd love to hear from you! Please contact me using this form for any questions or comments.