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Pirate Academy - Hardcover

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Welcome to Pirate Academy, where anyone can become a pirate. Join the crew of the Jolly Molly as they compete with the other ships of Pirate Academy for fame, fortune and passing grades.

Pirate Academy is an epic picture book. Every page is packed full of richly illustrated, full-spread images of plank races and treasure hunts.

  • 216mm x 243mm (8 x 9.5 in)
  • 178 pages
  • Case bound
  • 150gsm coated (100lb) premium paper
  • Premium color ink

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A Feast Fit For a Pirate

Read a sample chapter online. Use arrows or swipe to turn pages.

Meet the students of the Jolly Molly

Dale - Always wanted to be a pirate, but pursued IT instead. He was unhappy doing what others told him to do. Now, he’s happy doing what the captain tells him to do.

Dice - Being competitive and the son of a pirate captain, it gnaws on him that the Jolly Molly is ranked last at Pirate Academy. Dice has all the clever pirate tricks to push the Jolly Molly ahead of the other Academy ships. Except his clever tricks never work.

Hatch - The youngest and newest member of the Jolly Molly, she is eager to prove herself. And maybe throw her arch nemesis Izzy Blackwell overboard while she’s at it.

JT - From a family of notorious pirates, JT couldn’t care less about being a pirate. She likes to light up her hair, which would probably make her an easy target as a pirate. Meh, she couldn’t care less.

Sophie - Former maid and Hatch’s best friend. She loves to cook and clean for others. Terrified of water. Hmmm, she might be at the wrong school, but she’s with the people she love

Meet the crew of the Jolly Molly

Captain Luck “E.” Tuck - The captain of the Jolly Molly and their seasoned instructor. Yet, he is often absent and and rarely helpful. But someone has to be captain.

Granny Cook - The long, long, long-time cook of the Jolly Molly. Someone has to feed the students.

Fizz - The robot cabin boy of the Jolly Molly. Someone has to run the ship.

Who is this story for?

I wrote and illustrated this book for those who, like me, love picture books. I love reading to our kids, even though they are already tweens and teens (when did that happen?)! Reading together and laughing over a story has become part of our family culture. I wrote Pirate Academy to be fun for adults and kids to read together.

I hate to put an age to Pirate Academy. Every child is unique, and every family has their own way of enjoying books (reading alone vs read by an adult) and I think you, the parent or caregiver, will know best. Please read the free sample chapter to get a feel for the story so that you can be the judge.

The themes of the book are kindness, friendships, and hope. So I think the content would be appropriate for everyone, but it might be too subtle or boring for very young audiences. But kids grow up… so what’s boring one year could be the best thing ever the next year.

Pirate Academy has eight chapters. Each chapter is about 1400 - 1700 words and is like an episode. Has a beginning, middle, and end. Each chapter would make a good 10-15 minute bedtime story.

May Pirate Academy be a treasure on your bookshelf for many years!